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Happy Bryan Thao Worra Day

As 2016 is upon us, so is the official birthday of LLOTP’s editor-poet-community-advocate-extraordinaire, Bryan Thao Worra. For the past 20 years, Bryan has highlighted the Lao American experience and social issues of the community through his nuanced craft of words. To celebrate, we offer you a treat from his 2009 book of poems, Tanon Sai Jai. Happiest birthday, B!

[Poem] “Narratives” by Soudary Kittivong-Greenbaum

Last month, Little Laos on the Prairie celebrated its 4th Anniversary promoting the Lao renaissance in writing and arts. An idea sparked by the founder’s drive for creating a better world for her daughter, today, the blog finds readers in every corner of the Earth. — Narratives, whether you know it or not, are being written about you, all the time. That mom, she is always frayed in the morning, rushing her kid off to school. Why is she so short with him? That mom, she is always telling me what to do. I want to finish playing, finish my chocolate milk, before I go. Oh, my head hurts. Why is so so impatient with me? That mom, she is a little protective, don’t you think? We do the best, it was an accident. Does she not know we have many kids to look after? Why? Why? Recently at a conference on kids’ social emotional health, the universe seated me at a table with someone whose work I had been following; who creates space for …