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“The Laod perspective. Serving a hot dish of news, culture & life.”


Since the first annual Lao American Writers Summit gathering took place in Minneapolis back in 2010, like-minded Lao Americans Danny Khotsombath and Chanida Phaengdara Potter decided to write away about their experiences as Lao Americans raised in the Mild Mild Midwest. Little Laos on the Prairie (LLOTP) was born in Fall of 2011, with the goals of telling our stories, sharing our history and our love of reconnecting with our roots, culture, community, and news that connect the diaspora communities to the Mekong memories of Southeast Asia.


LLOTP is an online storytelling publication driven by a team of Lao American writers committed to sharing the journeys, cultures, and livelihoods of the Lao Diaspora experience. Through LLOTP’s simplified and creative platform, LLOTP aims to make space for our stories to be accessible, increase visibility of our culturally-specific issues, and empower Lao Diaspora communities across the globe to take ownership of their diverse voices.

We are sabai sabai at LLOTP. We’re open and welcoming to newbies. Shoot us an email or stalk us to join the internationally-acclaimed team of awesome Laod bLaoggers!

 Meet the BLaoggers


Chanida Phaengdara Potter, Founding Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

“Writing is reflection. It gives hope, meaning, and best of all: a voice.”



Chanida Phaengdara Potter is a Lao American storytelling craftswoman, nonprofiteer and culture builder. She is the founding editor of Little Laos on the Prairie and executive director of The SEAD Project. She has a keen love for social justice and believes in using new media platforms to drive knowledge-sharing to empower underrepresented communities that lack access to digital tools and literacy. Born in Viengxai, Laos; Chanida’s home is both in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Ban Phon, Laos. She has worked 10 years in the nonprofit field on organizing, public affairs, community development, and human rights advocacy. She holds a BA in Global Studies and Communications from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and a MS in Public Administration. Chanida has been featured on Twin Cities Daily Planet, Asian American Press, The Uptake, Minnesota Public Radio, Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, Voice of America, among others. She currently serves on the board for Twin Cities Media Alliance. Chanida’s interests are in the Southeast Asian diaspora, international affairs, sustainable community development, and of course, beautiful Laos.



Bryan Thao Worra, Editor & Contributor

“Are you asking the right questions?”



A Lao American writer, Bryan Thao Worra’s work is featured in over 90 international publications and his writing is taught in schools around the world. He is the author of several collections of poetry including On The Other Side Of The Eye, Touching Detonations, The Tuk-Tuk Diaries: My Dinner With Cluster Bombs, Winter Ink, and Barrow. He received a 2009 Asian Pacific Leadership Award for the Arts from state Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans and holds a Fellowship in Literature from the National Endowment for the Arts.

BLaoggers and Contributors: 

Leslie Chanthaphasouk

Who is Leslie Chanthaphasouk?

  • My best friend would describe me in these three words: Motivated, down-to-earth, honest
  • The last Lao food I ate was: Homemade Yum Salad!
  • If I was stranded on an island, the one Lao thing I would have is: Most likely one of those really sharp handcrafted machetes or a kohk & sahk. Scavenge for food or make some awesome papaya salad & jaew? That’s a tough one.

Past BLaoggers and Contributors:

  • Dr. Ketmani Kouanchao
  • Alex Nok Phasy
  • Danny Khotsombath

LLOTP believes in welcoming diverse voices about the Lao community, culture and people. Got a story? Interested in contributing to Little Laos on the Prairie? Send us your story tip to editor@littlelaos.org or fill out the contact form below. 



  1. Anonymous says

    Kop jai lai lai for all your hard work and dedication, getting lots of inspiration from y’all up north…Lao Georgians have been doing a great job with our community and now we are finally putting Lao Center together…still lots of work


  2. The very first country I ever visited (I live in New Zealand) was the US – on exchange to Minnesota – a long time ago, now. And the next country I am planning to visit in a few months is Laos. The combination of the first and the next, here, on your blog intrigues me. I enjoy your posts. Thank-you.


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