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Lao shorts announced for the 3rd Luang Prabang Film Festival

Lao Shorts

Curated by Vientiane-based filmmaker Thi-Von Muong-Hane, this new selection of short films “highlights Lao people and their diverse perspectives.”  The entries are: 

Memory of Soulsby Nicolas Sauret // 2005 // Documentary // 18′

The Akha of Northern Laos have their own traditions and way of living.


Sleepless Nightsby Xaisomkham Induangchanthy // 2012 // Fiction // 17′

In Vientiane, a young working woman and a young night guard cross paths in an office.


Happy Laos by Vannaphone Sitthirath // 2012 // Documentary // 17′

What makes Lao people happy? Let’s get a few answers.


Mom… I… by Phanumad Disattha // 2008 // Drama // 9′

A simple girl is living a simple life in Thailand with her beloved mother.


The Phuan Folk Songby Doklao/Padetc // 2011 //Documentary // 6′

Young Lao singers keep their traditional folk songs alive by learning this art from their elders.


Program II: 

Creative Juice for Lao Kids by Bounthanh Phongphichid // 2011 // Documentary // 26′

Three illustrators show their artwork and discuss their impact on a new generation in Laos.


Environmental Awareness by Chongkham Phonekeo // 2008 // Animation // 1′

Two kids are on the way to enjoy the countryside, but are not prepared for nature.


Letter Back Home by Nith Lacroix // 1994 // Documentary // 13′

Young Lao and Cambodians who live in San Francisco talk about missing their homeland and introduce us to their daily life.


The Cage by Anysay Keola // 2010 // Fiction // 6′

A young woman is trying to find her own identity behind a closed door.


Lives of Ou River by Bouttasing Namthipkesone // 2012 // Documentary // 24′

The Nam Ou is one of the main rivers in Laos, where the Khmu people have lived and died from one generation to another. 

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