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Sabaidee, Blogosphere!

“Laos is in the House”

No formal intro here, folks. For your reading pleasure, we haiku’d it up and telling you the top three things you should know about us. Mah der, mah der!


Bryan Thao Worra
“Turn it in, already!”

Bryan the Worra
When do poems end?
The writer’s body of ink
The world is a page

Top 3 Things to Know about Bryan:
1. Raises sea monkeys.
2. Has zany misadaventures.
3. Transforms as needed.


Chanida ‘Noy’ Phaengdara
“Trust me, you can eat ANYTHING with a chopstick.”

O Chanidahh
Bye refugee camp
The Yellow Brick Road is here
Hello freedom camp

Top 3 Things to Know about Chanida:
1. Works for your right to laugh at anything, write anything, do anything.
2. Lives for all things Asian and today’s ice cream flavor.
3. The unofficial Lady of the Mekong.


Danny Khotsombath
“D-A-Double N-Y, that’s how you spell fun.”

Danny Khotsombath.
How do you say your last name?
Think, “Cut-Some-Body.”

Top 3 Things to Know about Danny:
1. The Original Chino Latino.
2. Screams like a girl from tall places, unsightly spiders, and squatting mice.
3. Sings and dances in his room (like a broke version of Beyoncé).

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